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Eclipse r3dfox, a modern Firefox based web browser for Windows 7!

r3dfox or r3dactedfox is a fork of release branch Mozilla Firefox made for Windows 7 and 8. r3dfox also comes with limited compatibility for Windows XP using the One Core API and Windows Vista using the extended kernel. The main goal is to be similar to stock Firefox while providing Windows 7 compatibility as a fork point. However there are also some additional tweaks and adjustments.

Main download link (GitHub)

Alternative download link (SourceForge)


More native or native like elements, scrollbar, checkboxes, radio buttons, tooltips, and more! Better than the 115 ESR patch!
Less intense Aero fog to better let the glass shine!
Glass8 support with fog and all!
Full portable mode that doesn't touch AppData at all!
Classic about:config page!
Less telemetry than regular Firefox!
No installer/uninstaller ping!
No background tasks!
Easier to notice red retry button for failed downloads!
JPEG XL support!
GPU/hardware acceleration in virtual machines! (Only VMware Workstation 16+ is confirmed to work)


r3dfox home page showing about and winver. r3dfox settings page showing options. r3dfox on Eclipse Community board. r3dfox showing JPEG XL images. r3dfox showing classic about:config page. r3dfox showing themed private browsing page.