Eclipse Community Links

Other miscellaneous things Eclipse Community does. - Under construction Minecraft 1.21 server (1.7-1.21 clients supported), can't be joined yet.

eBoard2 - A fork of ABXD that could potentially power a secondary, more casual board. (I swear it's not abandoned)

Quick Links

Shorter and easier to remember links to useful forum posts. - Contributing to Eclipse Community. - Open source web browsers for older Windows versions. - Best VLC version for stable, skip free FLAC playback. - Minecraft 1.21+ on Windows XP!

Windows 7 specific: - Various drivers for Windows 7. - AM4 boards Windows 7 compatibility list. - Group Policy tweaking guide for Windows 7. - Registry tweaking guide for Windows 7. - Services tweaking guide for Windows 7. - Task Scheduler tweakng guide for Windows 7.